Terms and Conditions for Trainers

Terms and Conditions for Trainers






These ‘Terms and Conditions for Trainers’ include the conditions and obligations regarding your participation into the system as a ‘trainer’ via Kurslab services. The Contract is completely binding between Kurslab and the trainer and has been directly included into the scope of ‘the Conditions of Use of Kurslab’.


1. Fundamental Definitions


" Course Price " means the course fee that is determined by the trainers of Kurslab.


" Course Currency " means the currency of the course fee.


" Course Exchange Rate " means the exchange rate that is used by Kurslab throughout the system in order to convert the foreign currency and does not cover any fee or expense that Kurslab collects. The exchange rate is determined by using one or more third parties and fixed at regular intervals. Therefore, the exchange rate of the course may not be exactly the same with the market exchange rate that is applied at a specific time when any foreign currency conversion transaction is made.


" Trainer Income " means the additional amount that is left to the trainer except for all repayments made.


" Gross Amount " means the amount received by Kurslab when the trainee purchases the course.


" Net Amount " means the net amount except for the taxes and bank deductions (the management and operation fee for the web sales is 3%).


" Sale Price " means the actual sale price of the course.


" Sale Currency " is determined according to the region where the person who purchases the course is in. It is the currency that it is used in sale.


2. Contract


This contract covers the rules that are valid directly between Kurslab and the trainer. Although we will take advantage of the partnership services in order to be able to facilitate your payments, the contract shall remain directly between the trainer and Kurslab and shall be applicable only for these parties.


3. Your Relationship with the Trainees


There is no contractual relationship between the trainer and the trainees. Kurslab provides you only with the trainees’ data for service that we have obtained via the Services. You accept and confirm that you will indemnify Kurslab against all problems that you will have with the trainees and the data confidentiality.


4. Obligations


What you declare, guarantee and undertake as a trainer:


1. In order to be a trainer in Kurslab, first of all you need to complete ‘the Trainer Registration Form” from the address of www.kurslab.com and to enter all relevant information into the system in a complete and correct manner.

2. You will be responsible for all contents and information that you share with Kurslab. Also, you will have accepted that the contents and information that you share can be shown and used as open to every person by Kurslab within the framework of the articles of this contract and our Confidentiality Policy (including also the digital sound transmission) and you will have stated that you will grant the necessary authorizations, approvals and rights to Kurslab.

3. Any content that you will share with Kurslab or online trainings and the materials and information for these trainings shall not violate the intellectual property right of third parties and misapplication shall not be allowed under any circumstance.

4. With this contract, you will have committed that you have the education-training competency necessary for being able to be a trainer in Kurslab and being able to orient the trainees; if you will give training to the knowledge – skill groups, you will have committed that you have the competency/certificates to be able to meet the needs of such group.

5. It is strictly forbidden for you to use such elements that are inappropriate, assaultive, racist, leading to hate, containing hate speech, pornographic, erroneous and targeting individuals in your contents. The contents in which slander or such information that causes damage to the ethical values is found out by Kurslab shall be immediately prevented and the necessary legal proceedings shall be initiated.

6. You shall not share with the users any promotion material, spam, unimportant mail, chain letter or other commercial requests. The users and the trainers can make information sharing only in relation to the contents of the courses.

7. You shall not use the services for any other business except for providing private lessons, education and training services to the trainees;

8. You may not be engaged in such activities that will require Kurslab to obtain licence or copyright from any third party with any content or your trainings. You should take this into account when organizing your contents, providing the online trainings and at every stage where you will enter information into Kurslab system.

9. You may not make any duplication, distortion, hacking, interference or distribution in any way with the information and contents that you have obtained from the site. Your rights and limits on this matter are specified within the scope of this “Contract for Trainers”.

10. Your may not share or use any code or information that you have received from Kurslab and that are used for the discounts and promotions on your own social media channels.

11. You may not take part in Kurslab on behalf of another person with your own account or you may not have more than one trainer or trainee account at the same time.

12. All changes and innovations that you will make in the system shall be principally subject to the approval of Kurslab.

You may not integrate any bug/robot/spyware/code/malicious software or technical hardware into our system or software for the purpose of preventing the functioning of our services. The legal action shall be immediately initiated within the scope of the cyber crimes in case of any action for stealing information or spying.

You may not interfere to the other trainers and prevent their training processes for any reason as long as you give training in Kurslab.

You should attach importance to the accuracy and security of your account details.

You must treat your trainees with the same attitude and at the same distance regardless fo their language, religion and race. Kurslab has stated the necessary rules within the scope of the articles of this contract with regard to the discrimination and hate speeches. You should provide your trainees with a service quality that meets the standards and that is balanced in consideration of your sector and the general training standards.

You must be above the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you have to read, evaluate and certify this Contract for Terms for Trainers via your parents or legal guardian. You must have assumed the responsibility that you have accepted the rules specified herein and you will fully comply with the performance requirements specified.



5. Licence in Kurslab


By approving this contract, you grant to Kurslab a royalty-free and non-exclusive right that is valid all around the world for reproducing, distributing, marketing or otherwise using the contents and online courses via the Services and for the sublicense to be able to be given directly or via third parties while taking advantage of the content.


Please visit our Confidentiality Policy for more information about how we can use the Contents sent. Notwithstanding the provisions above and as subject to the Terms for Trainers, if you are a trainer and if otherwise is not specifically stated, you have the right to remove all or a part of your Content that has been sent from the Services at any time. The removal of your Content that has been sent will terminate the licences and rights which had been previously specified sixty (60) days after this removal process in terms of the new Users, but the rights which had been granted to the Users before this date shall continue in line with the Terms applied to these Users.


You can find detailed information in our Confidentiality Policy about how we can use the contents sent. Additionally, if you are a trainer of Kurslab, you can remove a part or all of your content that has been sent from our website at any time by complying with the rules under the Terms for Trainers and regardless of the aforementioned provisions.


You accept that we can record all or any part of the Courses (including also the voice conversation communication) for the quality control and delivery, marketing, introduction, display or the operation of the Services. You give Kurslab the authorization to use your name, picture, image or voice in relation to the submission, delivery, marketing, introduction, display and sale of the Services, Courses, Corporate Content and Sent Content and you waive from all confidentiality rights or other similar associated rights to the extent that it is allowed under the applicable law.


The rights that you grant to Kurslab under these Terms for Trainers cover also the recording and the use of all or any part of the online courses (including also the voice conversation communication) for marketing, sale and advertising purpose for the quality control/delivery, marketing, introduction, display or the operation of the Services.


6. Terms of Conditions


By accepting these Terms for Trainers, you accept to comply also with the Trust and Security policies set forth herein, more specifically, the list of prohibited issues set forth herein. As minor amendments are made in the policies and the list of prohibited issues from time to time, please regularly control both of them. As clarified in our Conditions of Use, Kurslab reserves its right to abolish the Courses and Trainers depending on its own discretion.


By accepting these Terms, you will have accepted to comply with all Trust and Security policies in relation to our website. As clarified in our Conditions of Use, Kurslab reserves its right to exclude all courses and trainers from the system depending on its own assessment and discretion.


7. Banned Persons with whom we will not be able to work


Your hereby declare and guarantee to Kurslab that you are not a banned person. If you are included in the banned person statute under the laws of the Republic of Turkey or you are working for a banned person, you are obliged to inform Kurslab on this matter. Kurslab shall have the right to immediately terminate your training position and user accounts with this clarification or without having any obligation to you in case that it is found out that you are a banned person.


Under these Terms, you will have promised not to use the services of Kurslab in order to carry out any commercial transaction with the banned persons or for facilitating their works as well. You may not export or tolerate the exportation of the Services or products, including the technical data, so as to violate the restrictions and laws of the Republic of Turkey or the other relevant countries.


8. Pricing


The trainers are obliged to determine the fees that they will request from the trainees for the online courses. You should not forget that you can request fee only for your own online courses within the scope of such fees. You may not request any additional fee for any course addition in the online environment and you may not include the remuneration of these additions into your own effort while determining your fee. All pricing and payment processes are under the responsibility of Kurslab.


You accept under this contract also that you give the information about you and your lessons as well as your course in order for us to share with our employees and partners in the necessary acases and you do not claim any payment in return for this.


Kurslab can use various marketing and sale programs or apply programs from time to time in order to increase the traffic inside the website. If you desire to be involved in this process, you accept that your course fees will be affected from this. If you do not desire to be involved in these campaings and programs, you will have accepted also that the changes made will not be applicable for your course.


The fees that are paid within the scope of the campaigns and promotions might not be fixed. Kurslab determines the discount and fee rates within the scope of the promotion and marketing programs by itself. The marketing programs may provide profit at maximum or minimum level. Kurslab does not give any success warranty. You can choose to or not to participate in the marketing programs and you can waive from any campaign that you have participated if you desire.


9. Payments


Kurslab deducts 15% commission share and 3% banking transaction share from each course fee and deposits the remaining amount directly to the trainer’s own account. In order to be able to receive payment from Kurslab, you need to have a bank account that is actively used. You can change the details of the bank to which the payment will be made and the other personal information related to your payment from the payment information section of your profile. The payments become due so as to be deposited to the accounts of the trainers on the first Wednesday after the completion of the course and the relevant fee is recorded into the system as the balance of the trainer as soon as the course is completed. It is completely your own responsibility to provide accurate and complete information about your payments. Kurslab does not assume the responsibility for any failure or fault arising from the incomplete or incorrect data.


10. Refunds of Money


In Kurslab, the trainees have the right to cancel the training that they receive or to postpone the course. Therefore, as a trainer, you also understand and accept that your course has the right to be refunded under these Terms. Kurslab does not collect any fee or commission of the refunding transactions. When a refund is requested for any course, Kurslab can deduct this fee from the next payment amount to be sent to the trainer or, if there is no debt to be paid to the trainer and they do not meet the amount requested to be refunded, Kurslab reserves its right to provide for refunding from the trainer.


11. Taxes


You agree that you are responsible also for all taxes imposed on you as long as you are a trainer in Kurslab. Kurslab collects the transaction taxes specified under the applicable laws from the trainers and forwards them to the necessary authorities. Kurslab can increase the course sale prices if it considers necessary within the scope of these taxes.


12. Deletion of your account


When you desire to delete your account, you can perform all of your transactions by using the system of Kurslab. If you have accumulated payments from the courses that you have given, we will carry out all transactions necessary to forward all of the necessary payment to you as soon as possible. For all of your transactions related to the closure of your trainer account, you can obtain support from us, send your questions to the address of support@kurslab.com by e-mail or you can access to us from the support line no 0850 532 5877. Your request will be responded within the shortest period of time possible.


13. Amendments to be made in these Terms of Trainers


Kurslab can make amendments in the Terms for Trainers from time to time depending on the system or changes in the conditions. Unless otherwise is specified, all amendments shall come into force on the day when they are made. As long as you continue to use the Services, you will continue to be responsible for all amendments and conditions specified in the contract.