Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Thank you for preferring the quality education with Kurslab. As Kurslab (‘Kurslab’, ‘we’) we put your security above anything and we want you to know how we ensure privacy of data, what we will be doing with the data we have. Thus in the Privacy Policy you will be reading, we give a comprehensive place to data acquisition applications and we explain your rights of accessing personal data, correction/limitation of these data’.


If otherwise is not specified when you use the website of Kurslab, the contents and the relevant services, the rules to be taken into account are set forth within the scope of this content – Privacy Policy.


If you do not want to or do not accept any contract about training services of Kurslab or Privacy Policy, you should not use our training systems. By using Kurslab systems you accept the Privacy Policy.




Table of Contents


Which Data of Yours We are Taking?


How Do We Take Your Data?


For What Purpose Do We Use Your Data?


With Whom Do We Share This Data?




Your Rights


Rules Specific to the Jurisdiction


Updates and Contact Details


Cookie Policy


Which Data of Yours We are Taking?


Information we collect directly from you; information you entered in system, information of your attendance in trainings, the information we attain by third party channels you connect to Kurslab. Besides, information such as the channels you connect to Kurslab, which trainings you took from Kurslab and which part you interacted with, we store automatically by our system.


1.Data You Provide


We also can store different information depend on how you use services and trainings that Kurslab provides. We will be explaining what are this data is above in more detail.


When you create an account in Kurslab or use the system (information you provide by entering the system through third channels included) we collect all the data which stated in here:


Account Data: while you are creating an account in order to be a Trainer or a trainee, when you enter your e-mail, password, gender and birthday information, we record and keep them. Likewise, we continue recording and keeping all the information that you updated or changed.


Profile Data: while you are creating your Kurslab account, you can give all the details about your photographs, web site connections and social media profiles. This information will be able to seen by everyone and be recorded by Kurslab.


Shared Content: Kurslab services let you share contents open to everyone and communicate with them. Publishing comments on course page, asking-answering questions, sending message to trainers or teachers or publishing photographs or your works are included. In spite of this, it may vary depending on where it was published. This kind of contents can be viewed by everyone.


Trainee Payment Data: We keep some data when you buy any kind of services and the data you use during buying. Data like your name and your e-mail are included. In order to complete purchasing transaction correctly and completely, you need to share your name-surname, credit card information, billing address and postal code, directly. Since Kurslab prioritize you security, it does not keep some of your sensitive data (such as card, id correction information and complete card numbers).


Trainer Payment Data:  In order to do trainer purchasing transactions Kurslab provides to get in touch with your purchasing accounts and services. When you declare a purchasing account to system, your information like e-mail address, account id, homes address can be recorded by the system. In order to ensure your security, Kurslab would not collect all your account information or keep private some of them. Collecting information, disclosure and usage; depends on privacy policy and other conditions including transaction.


Data about Your Accounts in other Services: We can get information from your social media accounts or our accounts in other platforms if Kurslab account is connected. If you create another account through Facebook or another third party channel platform, we ask for your permission to access data provided by these third party channels. These information; may include your name, profile picture, account id number, location, physical location of your access devices, gender, birthday or friend list.


We collect this information through APIs of relative platforms. This information we get from there depends on your, platform’s or transaction’s you made permissions that which information will be given.


If you use third party channel’s mediation while using Kurslab, collection, usage and share of you data will be subject to third party channel’s policies and contracts.


Sweepstakes, Promotions and Surveys: as part of Kurslab’s services, it may invite you to use sweepstakes, campaigns and promotions through your own data or using your third party information. If you accept the invitation, you would accept that you directly accept to share your information like you birthday, e-mail address and telephone number. This information is kept and stored by the Privacy Policy and Promotion rules as long as opposites are stated. We can use this information to announce the winners and to distribute prizes. We can share some of your information (like your name) during the announcements at this phase. Privacy Policy will be based on, if you use your third party channel data which are attached to a promotion. 


Communications and Support: when you want a support from our team for any reason, your contact information, messages, your name and your operating system (IP address etc.) information are recorded by us. The prior aim of using this information we collected, is to make a return properly and to find an answer to your question, as part of Privacy Policy.


1.2   Data that We Collect Automatically:


System data: technical data about your computer. For example; your IP address, kind of the device, kind of the operating system and  the version, unique device identifier, browser, browser language, domain and other system data and platform kinds.


Usage Data: statistics about accessing to services. For example; accessed courses, time that spent on pages an serving, viewed pages, used properties, clicking data and the rate of your usage of services.


Approximate Geographic Data: Geographic location. Collected by your IP address and contains the country’s data which you locate in.



Data above is kept by Kurslab associated with the files which are connected to your account. These data are made by considering legal processes, properly to ‘Cookie and Data Collecting Devices’ contract.


2. How Do We Get Data about You?


We collect the data that given above, by channels like cookies, web markers, advertisement providers. Some of those channels have the right of cancelling the data collecting.


2.1. Cookies and Data Collecting Devices


As stated in ‘Cookies Policy’, while you are taking services from Kurslab,  service providers like Google Analytics and other third party advertisers, cookies, labels, macros, specified connections, device or scanner dab and web markers ( ‘’Data Collecting Devices’’ as a Whole) likewise automatic data collecting devices and communication server files keep working. Completely proper to Privacy Policy, we can combine the information we already have with the information come from data collecting devices.


In order to personalize the experience of being a user in Kurslab and to introduce yourself when you come back we use cookies (little files that are sent by web sites in order to describe your browser or you device uniquely or to keep information in your browser). Web markers (little objects provide us to activities of visitors and service users) are used to identify if a page is visited or not visited, if the e-mails are opened or not opened and to identify data sources.


Cookies Kurslab Uses:


Preferences: Remembers information about settings preferred in browser and the browser itself, determines the appearance and activities of services’.


Security: protects your account from fake accounts and malicious connections. Prevents unauthorized usage.


Functional: keeps your setting and preference choices (volume, etc.).


Session Status: Watches how you use Services. Uses the information it get to remember your log in information and to register course purchasing transactions. If you deactivate this cookie, usage of the services may be cut.


In addition to use the services we can use some flash or LSO cookies.  You can block or limit these cookies. However, you might not be able to make use of some qualities or might not be able to complete your transactions.


2.2. Analysis


Kurslab make use of Google Analytics, Hotjar and similar third party browsers and mobile analysis devices, in the services it provides. Third party data collecting devices helps you with your transaction in Kurslab system, which site you are coming from and analysing your activities in the website. We use these information for making our services better and doing necessary healings with feedbacks.


2.3. Online Advertisements


In order to give information about our services in other web sites and mobile applications we use third party advertisement services like Google, Facebook. Our advertisements can be based on information we get from your usage and system data. Advertisement can be planned according to recently visits that you made in web sites and activities.


In order to be able to give advertisements which are customized and which are completely suitable for the user behaviours, the data tracking tools can use tracking technologies via your phone or other devices belonging to you. In order to help to present customized advertisement, we can submit the encoded anonymous version (in a manner it cannot be read by human) of the content that you share as open to everyone in the Services as well as your e-mail address to these service providers.


3. For what purpose do we use your data?


We use the data that we collect in order to be able to ensure your security and provide you with better services in the first place. For this purpose, we analyzes your satisfaction with the data we have, take all measures against exploitation and try to take the measures which will minimize the possibility of fraud. We handle and store all data by taking care to integrity and consistency and so as to ensure security within the framework of the laws.


We use and store the data of our users for the following purposes:


*To be able to improve and manage our services


*To be able to receive your demands, complaints and requests and to be able to complete your processes,


*To be able to negotiate with you about your account by contacting with you by the following methods;


*By giving response to your questions and concerns


*To contact with you for all notifications related to the changes, updated and our contracts in Kurslab


*To be able to give information to you about your course history, our new services, rewards that you won, promotions and bulletins on condition that you will reserve the right to be able to cancel at any time,


*To be able to send information messages to you about the updates and other relevant issues,


To manage your account preferences,


To facilitate the technical functionality of the services received from Kurslab including eliminating problem and resolving problems, making our system secure and preventing fraud and exploitation;


To ensure that the services are improved in technical terms (including eliminating problem, customer relations and preventing the fraud activities)


To be able to hear all of your positive or negative ideas,


To market and apply the surveys and promotions managed or supported by Kurslab;


To market and apply the surveys and promotions organized by Kurslab,


To analyze your data and compare them with the additional data via the third party providers in the necessary cases,


To identify the unique users who use Kurslab,


To be able to customize the advertisements and campaigns,


To be able to add new ones to our services, improve the existing system, follow up our security in the website and provide customer-oriented solutions,


To determine the purchases and the trend consumer behaviours,


To be able to make the advertisement of Kurslab and its contents;


In other manners that we determine to be necessary in order to ensure the security and integrity of our users, employees, the third parties, the public or our system as required or permitted by laws or based on our own discretion.


4. With whom do we share your data?


We share the data that we collect from you with our business partners, our analysis and data enrichment channels, the companies via which we make promotions and surveys and the advertisement companies in order to be able to make advertisement and give information to our trainers and other trainees. We may share your data also in other means in the necessary cases in consideration of our corporate structuring, the ability of ensuring the legal conformity and the security factors.


We may share your data with the third parties under the following conditions or otherwise as described in this Privacy Policy:


With your trainers: Also, the trainers can view the information that you have in the necessary cases in order to be able to increase the quality of the training that you will receive from Kurslab and develop the contents of the course. The information that we will share shall be the data such as age, city, gender etc. which reflects your process of using Kurslab and helps the trainers to know you better.


With the Other Trainees and Trainers: Your profile information can be viewed by the other trainers and trainees in the system. You can manage the permissions regarding who can view your profile and the content that you share. The comments that you make for the trainers, the feedbacks and the comments that you make as open to the website can be viewed as open to everyone along with your personal information.


With the Service Providers, Contractors and Agencies: In order to be able to forward the campaigns of the institutions that we work with to you, to allow their advertising activities and to be able to make marketing analysis, we share your data with the third parties and take care that this data is restrictedly only as we instructed and with the restrictions determined by us.


With the Business Partners: For the purpose of increasing the visit ratio of our website and announcing our Services, we can make agreements with other websites.


With the Analysis and Data Enrichment Services: In order to be able to use the analysis and advertisement tools, we may share specific contact details and the information about your manner of using the system with the third parties such as Google Analytics. In this way, we can contact with you more effectively and work in order to improve your user experience in our system.


For presenting the Social Media Characteristics: The social media providers may make a cookie setting that will store your IP address and similar information in order to remember you, the pages that you visit and in order to be able to understand which pages of the Services that you use. Kurslab has not responsibility in relation to the cookies used by the third party.


For managing the Promotions and Surveys: We may use the data that we collected from you in order to re-contact with you. For instance, we take advantage of your personal data in order to disclose the list of winners, to manage the surveys that might be related to the promotion and to share your acquirements regarding the promotion with you when you take part in a promotion.


For advertising:  When we decide to present an advertisement, we examine the System data and the User data in order to be able to determine the correct target and we may chare this information with the third party advertisers. We allow the third party advertisers to collect the System Data via the Data Collection tools in order to customize the advertisements. The advertisers may also re-share your information with us. Regardless of whether your information is subjected to examination or not, the advertisements continue to be shown to you.


For Security and Legal Conformity: As long as Kurslab considers the following cases as a valid reason for the information sharing and at its own discretion, it will share your information with the third parties:


In the cases permitted or required under the laws and acts,


In the case that the information is requested or ordered within the scope of any judicial, official and legal investigation,


In the case that there is absolute necessity within the scope of a current and valid case notification,


In the cases specified under our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy,


For the purpose of investigating and determining the misuse, fraud, theft or trust damaging behaviours,


For Kurslab to take measures against the cases in which damages might occur to the users, employees, collaborators or their rights/properties,


Furthermore, for the purpose of evaluating our rights and obligations under this contract, we may share the personal data included within the scope of the contract with our consultants and auditors.


During the Change of Control: In the case that Kurslab is sold, merged with another institution/corporation or the company is disposed of or assigned, Kurslab has the right to share all or a part of the personal data with the relevant third party institution/corporation or the company.


After making collective/removing the Identity Information: The data which is collective or the identity information of which has been removed can be used for all kinds of purposes.


With your consent: In the necessary cases, we may share your data with the third parties that are out of the Privacy Policy after obtaining your approval.


5. Security


We want you to know that all data that you share with us is protected within the scope of our security measures according to their types and sensitivity. However, the unauthorized access and malicious software additions are always a risk in the online systems. Therefore, we recommend you to protect your password in order to be able to prevent the security violations not caused by us against any undesired situation. Your password and personal information are completely under your responsibility. We expect you to be sensitive as minimum as us.


6. Your Rights


As long as you are included in Kurslab system, you reserve you rights including the cancellation of the promotion e-mails, the cookies and the collection of your data by the third parties. You can make the updates regarding your information from your system and you can cancel your membership from your user page at any time. We wish you to contact with us in all of your individual claims for right in relation to their personal data. If the family of our users who are under the age of 18 should contact with us in case they have such suspicion.


6.1. Your Preferences related to the Use of your Data


You might not give the specified rights to Kurslab in relation to the control of your information. However, in this case, you might not take advantage of certain parts of our Services:


If you do not want to receive information about our promotions, you can unsubscribe. We continue to give the information that includes the changes in your management settings, the order approvals and the final updates related to the Services independently from the e-mail and promotion notifications.


You can determine the scope of the cookies that you allow from your browser or device settings and you can make the relevant settings in your wireless device in relation to the storage of your information related to your location.


In order to control the cookies that are used for privatized advertising and obtain information from the participant companies, refer to the consumer cancellation pages of the Network Advertising Initiative and Digital Advertising Alliance or, if you are in European Union, please visit the website Your Online Choices. In order to cancel the display-based advertisements of Google Analytics or customize the advertisements of Google Display Network, please visit the Google Advertisement Settings page.


In order to cancel the use of your data by Google Analytics, Hotjar for analysis or enhancement purpose, refer to the Browser Addition for Exclusion from Google Analytics, Cookie for Exclusion from Hotjar, Cookie for Exclusion from Criteo, Cookie for Exclusion from Google Data Studio and Cookie For Exclusion from Facebook Analytcis.


You can always contact with us about the scope regarding your personal data specified in the Privacy Policy and your rights related to your data and you can obtain detailed information from our team on the issues that you are concerned.


6.2. Access to your Personal Data, Update of the Data and Deletion of the Data


You can access to your data stored by Kurslab and make changes on this data. Likewise, you can delete your account at any time, terminate your membership or make transition between your trainee/trainer accounts. For this, you can carry out the process from your profile settings or you can obtain support from our team about the process that you want to carry out by sending an e-mail to the address of support@kurslab.com. Our team will send a feedback to you within 30 days. Even if you delete or change your account or shared information, we continue to store some of your data for the processes such as identity authentication, compulsory keeping record etc. within the scope of the legal processes.


6.3. Our Policy regarding Children


The parents shall be held responsible for our users who are under the age of 13. For this reason, the scope of our Privacy and Cookie Policy and the terms and conditions specified in the Conditions for Users should be necessarily read and confirmed by the person/persons who is/are responsible for the individual under the age of 13. In any case which remains in contradiction to the scope of these contracts, the person who is responsible for the user shall assume the necessary responsibility under the laws.


If you obtain information about the users under the age of 13 and the provisions of the contract, you can send a mail to the address of support@kurslab.com or contact with us from the phone number 0850 532 58 77.


7. Rules Specific to the Jurisdiction


The users out of the United States of America should take into account that we transfer data to the USA and the other areas outside of the European Economic Area.


7.1. Users in California


If you reside in California, you have the right to request specific details about which personal information we share with the third parties directly for the marketing purposes of the third parties. In order to send your request, send an e-mail which includes the expression “California Shine the Light”, your mail address, the county where you reside in and your e-mail address to the address of support@kurslab.com.


As the internet technology still works on the Do Not Track (Takip Etme) standards, solutions and applications, we do not recognize the Do Not Track signals received from the browser right now or we do not give response to them.


7.2. Users in Australia


If you reside in Australia and you have a complaint, you can forward this complaint to the Australian Information Commissioner) ("OAIC"). In order to contact with the OAIC, you can visit the address of www.oaic.gov.au, send an e-mail to the address of enquiries@oaic.gov.au, call the phone number 1300 363 992 or write to the OAIC from the address of GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001.


7.3. Users out of the USA


As Kurslab, Inc. is a company that is based in Silicon Valley, we need to transfer your data to the United States of America and process your data therein in order to be able to provide you with the Services. When you visit or use the Services, you give approval for the storage of your data in the servers available in the United States of America. If you use the Services from outside of the United States of America, you give approval for your data to be transferred to the United States of America or other countries, to be stored and processed in these areas. Especially, the personal data collected in Switzerland and European Economic Area (EEA) is transferred to out of these areas and stored out of these areas. Furthermore, this data is processed by Kurslab or our service providers including processing for the purpose of performing the transactions also out of Switzerland and EEA, facilitating the payments and providing support services as described in the Section 4. We have signed data processing agreements with our service providers, which limit and regulate their processing your data on behalf of us. When you send your data or use our Services, you give approval to the transfer, storage and processing by Kurslab and its processors.


Also, the data is processed by Kurslab or our service providers out of Switzerland and EEA in order to carry out transactions, to facilitate the payments and to provide support services as described in the Section 4. We have made data processing contracts with our service providers, which restrict and regulate their processing your data on behalf of us. By sending your data or using our Services, you give approval to the transfer, storage and processing by Kurslab and processors.


8. Updates and Contact Details


We inform the users about the amendments regarding all contracts of Kurslab by e-mail or other communication means. The amendments come into force on the day when they are published. The Privacy Policy that covers the updates shall be the final Contract which covers your rights and obligations and which will be legally taken into account.


8.1. Questions


For your questions about the Privacy and Cookie Policy and what stick in your mind, please contact with our team from the address of support@kurslab.com.


If you want to send mail, our registered office address: 1250 Borregas Ave. Sun Valley, CA 94089 USA Phone: +1 650 250 95 27


Cookie Policy


The last update date of the policy shall be written!


What are the cookies?


The cookies are small text files available in your browser. They are used in order to collect, store and share data about the user activities in all websites. Kurslab uses certain cookie types in order to provide better service to its users. These cookies that we use help the system to remember your information when you visit Kurslab and make the website more useful for you.


We use different types of cookies in order to be able to record the information related to your session and to remember you. We prefer the cookie types which end with the closure of the browser for your short-term sessions or the sessions which you open only for once and the permanent cookie types for the long-term sessions.


Why do we use the cookies and similar additions?


The cookies are based on the user behaviour in order to measure and improve the services in a website. We use the cookies when you open your browser in your computer or in your mobile device. We can store other data also with the third parties used together with the cookies and the additions thereof.


Our Purposes for Using the Cookies:


1. Identity Authentication and Security: Kurslab uses cookies for your identity to be remembered and for your login process to be able to be performed. The cookies also protect your security and helps to find out spam, exploitations and other activities that violate the Contracts.


For instance, the cookies prevent unauthorized access to your account by controlling whether the information that you had previously entered matches correctly.


2. Preferences: It remembers the information related to your preferences, settings and other selections that you make in your browser.


For instance, whenever you visit kurslab.com, your previous language option preference remains as recorded and our menu appears in that language.


3. Analysis and Research: We use the cookies in order to improve our Services and to analyze the current status.


For instance, we can test the different versions of Kurslab with the cookies and obtain collective and statistical information about our users and their behaviours in the website.


In order to be able to analyze your information, we also work with the third channels such as Google Analytcis and Facebook Analytics. At this point, we can use your data collected via both the cookies and the third channels.


You can cancel some of these services by means of the tools such as Browser Addition for Exclusion from Google Analytics and Cookie for Exclusion from Facebook.


4. Customization: We use the cookies in order to be able to customize Kurslab according to your use and to record your selected settings.


5. We use the cookies in order to be able to show you more related advertisements.


In order to obtain more information about targeting and advertisement cookies and how you can cancel them, please visit the address of www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/index.html or, if you are in European Union, please visit the website Your Online Choices.


Please remember that in the cases where the advertisement technology is integrated into the Services, you can still continue to receive advertisement in the other websites and applications, but they will not be customized according to their areas of interest.


What are my privacy options?


You have several options in relation to accepting or limiting the cookies:


The browsers generally accept the cookies. You can learn which cookies are automatically accepted and change your browser settings by means of the support and help articles in your browser. While doing so, take into account that the rejection of the cookies may inactivate certain functions such as remembering the password and language option in a manner that you will not be able to customize the Services!


The flash cookies function differently from the browser cookies; accordingly, the cookie management tools of your browser may not take them. For more information about the management of the flash cookies, refer to the article of Adobe on the management of the flash cookies and the Website Storage Settings panel.


In order to control the cookies that are used for privatized advertising and obtain information from the participant companies, refer to the consumer cancellation pages of the Network Advertising Initiative and Digital Advertising Alliance or, if you are in European Union, please visit the website Your Online Choices. In order to cancel the display-based advertisements of Google Analytics or customize the advertisements of Google Display Network, please visit the Google Advertisement Settings page.


For the general information about the targeting cookies and the inactivation of them, please visit the website www.allaboutcookies.org.


Updates and Contact Details


The Privacy and Cookie Policies may be amended within the framework of the updates in the existing laws and the current decisions taken by Kurslab. We publish these amendments at the address of kurslab.com with the recent accepted validity date and inform our users. If we will make important and planned amendments, we complete the necessary preparations for the purpose of giving preliminary information to our users.


If you have questions about our use of cookies, send an e-mail to us from the address of support@kurslab.com.