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We are removing the limits in education!

Kurslab has been developed by a team who believes that technology can lift boundaries in education in its offices at METU Technopolis, Silicon Valley and Estonia. Believing in the power and motivation of doing their job with pleasure the team is working with all its power in order to ensure that everyone can get education as they wish. As Kurslab, we keep our enthusiasm fresh by learning more and more with the aim of making education timeindependent and non-spatial; and thanks to our eternal curiosity, we can see what our users need before they realize it.


You can be a part of the team!

If you really want to do your job with pleasure, to be completely adopted to the developmental aspect of r&d and innovation and to work with the team spirit and to be a little closer to the future, you can be a part of the team! All you got to do is to contact with us via jobs@kurslab.com