Terms of Use

Conditions of Use




Welcome to Kurslab (‘Kurslab’, ‘we’ or ‘us’). What is specified as “services” herein clarifies when and how you will be able to use our website and the additions/software that we will offer as connected to our website. As long as you access to and use our services, you accept that you have read all rules and Conditions of Use (‘Conditions’) specified within this scope and your necessary information are collected within the scope of the limits specified in our Confidentiality and Cookie Policy. The conditions are applicable for all persons, visitors and users who access to our services.




We can make amendments in our Conditions of Use from time to time. When an update occurs in the contract, the last update date of the contract is renewed and the rules of the new contract are applicable for everyone who signs the contract. If you do not sign the contract, the Conditions of Use will not be applicable for you.




Use of the Services




Who can use our services: Everyone who accepts the Conditions of Use of Kurslab can use Kurslab under the existing national and international laws within the framework of the conditions specified herein.




Creating an Account and Using the Account: At the moment when you have a user account in Kurslab, you can take advantage of our Services under the conditions herein and make changes in your profile. The person who registered in Kurslab can use the system as both the trainer and the trainee. As long as you take advantage of our services, you accept that we have the right to use a part of the information that you gave about yourself in your account and we can see your actions in the system. You may not use the account of another user without any consent and you may not create a user account with another name. You must complete all information in your account in a complete and accurate manner. Our system automatically keeps the record of all actions in the system. The responsibility for all actions in your account and to keep your password in safe is under your liability. Therefore, the system orients you to create powerful passwords.




Control of your account: You can control your account and make changes in your profile. When you give your mail address and phone details to the system, you accept that Kurslab can send e-mail and sms to you in relation to the campaigns, services and updates. If you do not want to receive any information mail or message from Kurslab, you can make the relevant settings from your account.




Licence to use our services




With this contract, we grant to you a non-commercial, unsaleable, limited, personal, untransferable and freely revocable licence right that will be able to be used as allowed by Kurslab only. Within the scope of this licence, Kurslab keeps its rights mentioned below confidential and has the right to limit this licence at any time without stating any reason.




Our services and all materials contained by our services (software, pictures, texts, graphics, logos, service brands, copyrights, Photographs, voices and videos) and all relevant intellectual property rights are the exclusive property of Kurslab. Our services are under protection within the scope of the relevant laws. Unless otherwise specified in the Conditions of Use or except for the permit of the applicable laws, the reproduction, modification, translation, development of our contents or services and the performance of similar actions are strictly forbidden. Likewise, it is strictly forbidden under the Conditions of Use to lease out any of our Services or to ensure access to the sublicenses. The users have not the right to intentionally surpass the security measures of our Services or to inactivate them by various manners.




Access to the Services




Kurslab does not provide any additional equipment for access to the services. By accepting this contract, you accept also the responsibility for the taxes and payments that might arise from the third parties related to our services. (For instance; internet providers)




We reserve the right to make permanently or temporarily make changes in any part of our services. In relation to the changes to be made in a part or all of our services, Kurslab is not responsible to any third party or the users.




We have the right to delete the contents created by our users, to reject them or remove them from the materials in order to protect our rights. Kurslab has the right to restrict or prevent the access of the users to the system at any time and without stating any reason. It does not enter into any obligation in relation to this.




Usage Fees of the Services




It is free of charge to register to Kurslab. Apart from this, you pay the fee determined by the trainer for the courses that you will receive one-to-one from the trainers. The trainers can registered to the system without paying any fee. In addition to this, additional fee may be requested for the campaings that might be active in the system and the materials to be newly added to the system. It is completely up to your decision to pay or not to pay an additional fee for the courses and materials.








The services that you will receive in Kurslab have a specific fee. In addition to this, the users may be granted a chance for free trial if allowed by the trainer. It is completely free of charge to register to Kurslab. The trainers and the trainees are held responsible only in relation to the payment transactions of the course received. The trainees can find the course fees in the trainer profiles, on the home page of our website and on the search pages. Kurslab works with the logic of market place and the course fees are determined by the trainers themselves. When the users purchase any course, they are deemed to have expressly accepted the conditions for payment mentioned herein.




Kurslab receives the payment of the courses that you add to your cart with credit card, bank card or cards that are specified to be valid by the system. The trainers receive the payment via the IBAN no that they record to the system. The payments are stored in the account of the trainers so as to be transferred to the account on the first Wednesday after the completion of the course. The trainers can determine the time interval at which they will receive payment and the payment frequency by themselves. Kurslab deducts 15% commission share and 3% bank commission from each course fee. When it comes to the additional fees and payments, these are completely under the responsibility of the trainers.




You are responsible only for the following in relation to the payments;




1. When there is any taxation or official payment, payment of these fees


2. Your delayed payments and payment of the other additional expenses arising together with them


3. Payment of the prices of all services that you purchased




By accepting these Conditions, you agree and declare that you are responsible for the payments specified above.




You can close your account at any time. However, Kurslab will not make any payment to you in relation to the closure of your account. We can return the course fee only if the course has not taken place yet. When you encounter with such a situation, you can contact with us at our relevant telephone number or from the address of support@kurslab.com.




These conditions do not oblige us to  give credit to you or third parties under any circumstances. When you give approval to these Conditions, you are deemed to have accepted that the information that you have shared with us can be shared with the institutions and companies with which we work in the necessary cases. For instance, ensuring that the third party payment channels and banks can make money transfer to your account… Also, we can share your personal information with the competent institutions and courts in the cases where compulsory legal processes exist. Kurslab does not assume any responsibility in relation to the use and disclosure of such information. In the cases that you do not pay your fees or pay your fees late, Kurslab has the right not to give permission for or restrict the access of its users to the Services. We notify the changes related to payment to our users in advance. After announcing the changes through the relevant channels, the users are deemed tı be subject to the new contract rules as of the designated date.

You may not create more than one account in order to avoid from the payments or to earn extra money and you may not give to the system any incorrect information related to your identity as specified also in these Conditions.





As long as you use our services, you are deemed to have accepted all laws and rules specified in this contract. Except for the cases allowed by the laws or the limits specified in this contract, you may not duplicate, change and sell our data under any circumstances. You may not show or compile the visual and audio works or the user contents of the other users as a part of another work. You may not access to the data of Kurslab or the information of the other users by leaking any malicious software into our services or system. You may not sell, lease out your licences related to the access to Kurslab or you may not give the same to another person by providing a sublicence. You may not use the contents of Kurslab or other users for any reason whatsoever except for your individual usage right. You do not have the right to try to surpass or inactivate the rules of use or the other security features by ignoring the digital rights of our Service. While using Kurslab, you must not take any action that will adversely affect ot threat the integrity, performance or availability of our Services. The users may not remove, change or conceal the registered notifications (including the copyright and trademark notifications in any part of the user contents or our Services. Also, the users may not use the services for any commercial purpose and may not send any message, collective message or notification which is not related to the Service via the system. You may not introduce yourself to any person in Kurslab system by hiding your identity or by lying about your identity and you may not hide your identity.




Confidentiality Policy and Security

We collect certain data in your registration to Kurslab and your other user information. You can find the information that we collect and the information regarding how we use such information in Kurslab Confidentiality and Cookies Policy. We attach importance to the confidentiality and we are making effort for the protection of your personal data. However, we cannot guarantee that our information will not be misused and our firewall will not be surpassed by any third channel in the developing online world. Therefore, all of your personal data is under your own responsibility against the malicious software and the unexpected attacks threatening our server.



Connection to our Services

The use of our services as a part of the third party services or presentation of our services as a part of another website or service may not be allowed under any circumstance unless we give a prior written consent.




User Contents and Sharings




User content: You have the right to share content within the scope of the services. The visual and written contents that you share shall be accepted as ‘User Content’ under this contract. By signing this contract, you grant to Kurslab a licence which is not individual, which is royalty-free, which is unrecovarable, which can be sublicenced and which is valid throughout the world and the right to display, use, perform, reproduce, distribute and create the derivative works of all of these user contents, your name, your voice and/or your derivatives set forth in the User Content and, wholly or partially, included in the software in any environment.

In order to be able to use the Services of Kurslab in any media format and with the other media channels, by signing this contract, you grant a licence which is permanent, non-exclusive, independent, unaltered, which can be sublicensed and which is valid throughout the world and the right to reach to all of your User Content, to republish, use, alter the same and to use the contents belonging to you such as your name and voice within the scope of the current and future technology and media opportunities without entering into any obligation against us, you or third parties.


By this means, you grant to the users in the system the right to access to your contents, to view your contents and to re-access to your contents as subject to the rules under the contract for Conditions of Use.

You warrant that you will not violate the right of or disregard the values of any third party while producing content in Kurslab within the scope of this contract.




Other Users in Kurslab: Kurslab does not assume the responsibility for any content shared within the scope of our services or for the posts of third parties. As you accept, we are only an intermediary platform which focuses on ensuring that you can receive the efficient online service. Your content and the potential outcomes to arise from the sharing that you make are completely under your own responsibility. All damages arising from any content that is erroneous, inconvenient and inappropriate for children belong to you. Kurslab does not accept any responsibility.


Third Party Links

The Service may include the advertisements, services or special proposals of the third party channels not controlled by Kurslab. Kurslab does not assume any responsibility in relation to the information, materials, products and services of any third party website. The responsibility related to every third party websites that you reach via Kurslab belongs to you. If you contact and have any problem with any third party website, you have to expressly state that Kurslab has not responsibility at this point. Also, if your make an agreement with any third party in relation to the promotions included in our services (this agreement may include warranty, payment and product delivery), this agreement shall remain between only you and the third party institution (the institution which makes the promotion). With this contract, you directly accept that Kurslab does not assume any responsibility within this process.



Conditions of Use and Service



As long as you use our services, you are responsible only for the contents that you share, publish, approve and transmit via Kurslab.

You may not use our services for any of the following;


1. You may not share any content that causes damage, that is offending, destructive, that causing damage the values, discriminative, impolite, suggestive and that points or any race and gender discriminations and you may not violate the rights of any person or you may not send any message from the system for this purpose.

2. You may not take actions that cause damage to Kurslab or third party persons under any circumstance.


3. You may not imitate any institution or person.


4. You may not produce any content which includes and disseminate any confidential information under the Laws and Conditions of Use. You may not upload such information to any place and you may not send as mail content. (For instance; confidential information learnt, contracts, confidential parts related to the trainer contents)


5. You may not produce and share any content that is in contradiction with our brand and copyrights, you may not upload the same to any place and you may not send any mail that has the content in contrary to our copyrights.

6. You may not upload, share or forward the unallowed advertising materials, advertising texts or images as a message from Kurslab system.


7. You may not intentionally upload any material containing software viruses to the system, share or arrange your contents accordingly.

8. You may not break the procedures under this contract in order to interfere in or disturb the service or the servers or networks connected to the service.


9. You may not consciously or unconsciously break any local or international law that is deemed to be valid in the current status.

10. You may not follow up, harass and disturb another user.


11. You may not collect and store the information of other users.




Brand Registration




The slogans appear in our Service or our logo (Kurslab) may not be duplicated and used by any person or institution without the written consent of Kurslab. Likewise, also the header, footer designs, special graphics, logos and texts on the page of Kurslab may not be duplicated and reproduced. The right of all contents, graphics, design, software and texts that you will see in the Services belongs to Kurslab. For the right to use a part or all of these contents, you need to obtain written consent from Kurslab. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos specified in our Services are under the property of their relevant owners. Our referring to the commercial product name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier or any other product, service or process or other information does not always mean sponsorship.





Kurslab provides you with the opportunity of ‘Feedback’ by which you can forward your ideas and comments related to the system. You do not need to pay any money in order to make comment or to interpret the service that you receive in the system. Furthermore, by accepting your application, you are deemed to have accepted that Verbling does not waive from its rights to use similar or relevant ideas which had been previously known by Verbling or which have been developed by its employees or which have been obtained from the resources other than you. We can use the feedbacks that you left to the system for our developments and equipments within the further periods.


Not to accept the Guarantees and Commitments

The risks of the services and service contents completely belong to you. Kurslab (we) and our suppliers disregard all kinds of ‘warranties’ without making the discrimination for those which are clear and those which are implied. This also includes merchantability, compliance or different specific special headings or situations related to violation. We do not give any warranty of absolute accuracy, completeness or 100% usefulness for any of our service contents. Therefore, as long as you continue to use our services, all contents related risks belong to you. We have no responsibility in relation to any problem that might arise in your computers or equipment during the downloading and viewing of the shared materials. It is expressly stated under this contract that no warranty is given by our System or by us, regardless of whether written or not.


Kurslab does not give any warranty that no advertising will be made by third parties in any way.



Limits of the Obligations




In accordance with the applicable laws, the maximum obligation limit also includes but not limited to the direct, indirect, fulminant, special or coincidential faults related to the affiliates, agencies, managers, employees and consolidators or licencees and it is not responsible for any damage that might occur. Loss of good will, loss of use, loss of date and other discrete losses (even if we have warned or gave recommendation in relation to the circumstance) are the outcome of your using our services and contents. Kurslab has not responsibility in relation to hacking and other uncontrollable damages.


In accordance with the existing laws, Kurslab has no responsibility in relation to the following circumstances:




1. Any failure or fault related to the contents


2. Any property damage or personal damages that might occur while using our services


3. Our servers which are kept confidential and the confidential data herein have been reached


4. Any interruption or unexpected discontinuations in relation to the access to the services or the information transmission from the services


5. Any virus, trojan software that might have been contaminated while using our services or via the third channels


6. Any problem that will arise about the loading and transfer of the contents


7. User contents




are not under the responsibility of Kurslab. Likewise, we do not assume the responsibility of any third party content which casts aspersions, which is offensive or which is illegal. This contract grants to you certain specific rights within the scope of the laws and, in addition, you can have certain rights changing from country to country. The limitations in this contract shall not be applied to the scope of restrictions specified in the existing law.





If we, our suppliers, licensors and the relevant subsidiaries are damaged in any way in relation to the damages arising due to the following, you have to pay compensation and accept the damage;




1. Circumstances arising from the use of the Services by you (including any information transfer or loading.)


2. Your violating these conditions


3. Your violating the right of any third party


4. Your violating the existing and applicable laws


5. Any damage arising from your contents or user account


6. Any third party trying to use the Services with your genuine name, password or your specific security code

DMCA Declaration




We respect the rights and production processes of those who produce content. Therefore, we evaluate all potential violation notifications in accordance with the Digital Millenium Copyrigt Act 1998 (DCMA) and the specified rules and according to this scope. If you think that any content of you which has copyright has been exposed to violation of copyright and has been shared via the Services, you can notify the situation to the officials of Kurslab by contacting with us. For your complaint to be able to be examined under DCMA, you should provide the following information to us:




1. Electronic or physical signature of a person who is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner


2. Work which you allege that it committed a violation of right and for which copyright has been received and detailed information of the work


3. Place of the work which you allege that it committed a violation of right and for which copyright has been received in the Services


4. Sufficient information for Kurslab to be able to contact with you; such as your address, phone number and e-mail address


5. A statement regarding that there is a good belief that the use of the material in the manner that is complained is not authorized by the copyright owner, representative or law


6. A clarification stating the accuracy of the information above and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on behalf of the good owner.



If you make prevarication, you are deemed to have committed an action that is considered as a crime under the laws and you are held responsible for its consequences. These consequences may include compensations which also include the court and attornery expenses.



If the violation of right is repeated under DMCA and other laws, Kurslab has the right to restrict the actions of the infringer and his right to use the Services or to exclude the person from the system, at its own discretion.

Apart from this, regardless of whether there is a repeated violation notification or not, in the cases where risk is foreseen for any reason, Kurslab may limit the access to the Service and/or terminate the accounts of the Users who violate the intellectual property rights of others.



Legal Notifications




Assignment: The rights and licences granted in this Contract and in this document may not be transferred by you, but they can be assigned by Kurslab without any restriction. Any transfer or assignment by which any violation is attempted shal be deemed to be invalid.




Applicable Laws: The enforcement of these Terms shall be subject to the laws of the United States of America except for the selection of the principles of dispute and law.




Settlement of Dispute: In an informal and unexpected case in which Kurslab cannot settle the dispute with you, both parties accept that any allegation, disagreement or dispute arising from this Contract is not resolved.

Notification Procedures: Kurslab can make notification to you in relation to the legal notification,the marketing activities or our contents –in written, by e-mail, with hard copy or via the website. Kurslab provides its users with the right to select the notification receiving manner and tools on condition that these specific notification means will not be waived.




Other Agreements: This agreement completely includes the terms and conditions which are applicable between Kurslab and you and specifies all Conditions for Users. If any provision of these Terms is deemed to be invalid by the competent court, the invalidity of the mentioned provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms which are in force and which will remainin force.




Cases without Right to Waive: That we do not apply any right or provision in these Terms does not constitute waive from the mentioned rights or provisions unless it is approved and accepted in written by us. If a competent court decides that any provision in these Conditions is invalid, the remaining provisions shall maintain their validity.