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Hello! I am Muhammed Ali and 20 years old. I study English Language Teaching. If I had to describe myself in three word, they would be "passionate", "volunteer" and "friendly". Currently, I am a board member of an international NGO which is European Students' Forum(AEGEE) in Eskişehir. I am the President of AEGEE-Eskişehir. Also, I am the Event Manager of AEGEE Eastern Partnership+ Project. I have worked at a lot of NGOs so far. My aim is to share my knowledge with everyone.

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Speak to Speak English

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In Turkey, there a lot of people who study English for nearly 10 years but cannot speak English. The reason is mainly because of our education system. However, according to my experiences, some people hesitate to speak English not to make mistake. In this course, you will be brave enough to make mistake! We will demolish the walls which are obstacle for us and SPEAK ENGLISH!


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