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How it works?

Welcome to Kurslab

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Which field do you want to study in?

You can take a live one on one course on a completely online platform with the tutor you choose.

You can filter according to the subject you want to learn; you can sort by course fees, popularities of the corresponding tutors.

Watch the introductory video in the tutor’s profile, so you can get an idea about the tutors.

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Contact with Tutor, Plan your Course!

Once you have selected the tutor you want, you can find the appropriate course hours for the tutor in the calendar on the page.

You can use the Send Message form in the tutor’s profile in order to talk to the tutor about the course time, course content, and any other topics you can think of.

So you can set your course to the day and time you are suitable for, you can tell the tutor what you want learn specifically and ask questions.

Free Trail Course

Do you hesitate about whether or not to take the course? You can request a free 15-minute trial from the instructor.

How will Online Courses be held?

Our courses are held with Kurslab's Virtual Classroom System without the need for any additional applications. You can find more information here .

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If everything is ok , add the course to your cart!

The course you have added to the cart is reserved for you for 20 minutes. Thus,after you add the course to the cart and you still can have a look at the other tutors and course options.

After considering all the options, you can go to your cart and pay with your credit/debit card in a secure environment.

If you have a discount code, don't forget to use it!

Let the Course Begin!

Be sure you have a strong internet connection before you start your course.

On the day of the course, you can see the link that will take you to the virtual classroom on the Transaction Panel page.

Get ready to start at least 10 minutes before the class starts!

After the course, you can access the records of your past courses from the All Courses I'm a Student section in your profile. So you can repeat your courses and refresh your knowledge.

Remember, you can cancel your session at least 24 hours before the course time!

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