Instructor for Kurslab

How it works?

Welcome to Kurslab!

Before the tutor application, you should register with your e-mail

Now you can make your application!

In order to start tutoring you can apply on our Be a Tutor page.

For letting students know you better send your introductory video that will be published in your profile to as soon as possible. How will you record the video? You can check it from here.

(Our application evaluation process is 2 weeks on average. You will be informed via e-mail )

Is your application approved? Now you can create your course!

Here are the things that you need to consider while you are creating your course:

While determining the course fee; you should request for 1 course hour fee instead of a package course fee’s.

You should well determine the day&time that you are suitable and plan the time you will give the course.

Don't forget to update your course if your suitable days change! Always keep your profile and courses up to date.
You should write the course title to reflect the content of the course you are giving.

You should write the course title in a way that reflects the content of your course.

Let's come to class time!

You will be notified by e-mail when your course is purchased by a student.

The student may send you a message before the course! Check your Messages and e-mail frequently.

In Transaction Panel, you can access the Virtual Classroom entry button from the Active Courses section. (Button activates 5 minutes before the course)

Students can request a trial course to know the system and the instructor better. You can see the demands here.

You should also take advantage of the trial course to get to know the system better and to gain experience.

Time to make money!

In order to receive the tuition fees without any problems, you must first make sure you enter your Address information correctly! (If you have already added an address, you can check Here)

If all the information is correct, the course fee will be paid on the first Wednesday following the course. (There is an 20% cut on the fee as the service charge. You can check here for details)