Kurslab Virtual Classroom

What is Virtual Classroom?

Thanks to its Ultra HD video conferencing; Virtual Classroom allows the participants to study uninterrupted, synchronized collaboration without having to install additional plugins.

Full Duplex Audio supports crystal clear live audio streams over any protocol.

Fluid WhiteBoard Experience

Every pixel of the Virtual Classroom has been completely redesigned for writing or drawing effortlessly.

Fluid whiteboard is a real, responsive digital board that has the same display on smartphones, computers or tablet computers.

It enables to reach drawing tools,shapes & symbols and math equations for tutors and the students easily.

EStudents can use the features of the fluid white board on condition that the tutor allows it by the panel. Student's active involvement during the course makes the learning process easier and leads to a more efficient course.

Drawing Tools and Shapes

Using powerful line tools, 2D and 3D enhanced shapes, you can make the course process more creative and educational.

Document Reader and Annotation Tools

Tutors can share their documents and presentations via fluid whiteboard; they can rotate, annotate, highlight on these documents to engage their attendees’ attention.

Cloud Media Player

Tutor can play a video or audio file from their computer or by an internet streamer link on fluid whiteboard.

Instructor can control the Play, Pause, and Seek controls when streaming a video or audio file or give back the controls to attendees to control it on their own.

Mobile/Tablet Support

You can join Virtual Classroom sessions from Android and Apple iOS based devices using a supported browser without installing any app.

Equation Editor

Equation Editor lets you create and display complex mathematical equations inside whiteboard using a graphical UI without typing any other code. In this way, the deterioration of fluency during tutoring is prevented.

Screen Sharing

Multiple screen sharing is available in the white board. The ability of tutor and students to share screen as a new tab enables a more efficient course process for both sides by switching between the whiteboard tabs.